Professional repair of elevator drives

Extra quality, speed and reliability – all for the small fraction of the cost of a new drive!

  • About

    The company provides the standard and rapid repair of failed KONE V3F16L elevator drives. Our experienced and highly qualified technical team will not only replace the failed parts, but will also refurbish all of the electronic elements inside the elevator drive. Additionally, we offer a 12-month warranty for all our repairs.

    • Warranty

      We offer a 12-month warranty on all repaired elevator drives. We keep our word, as not one of our repaired and refurbished drives has ever broken down again.

    • RoHS

      During the repair process our technicians use RoHS certified electronic elements, materials and techniques exclusively. This guarantees that the repaired and refurbished elevator drives will retain all the certification and they will be safe to use in any building.

    • Refurbishing

      Additional refurbishing of all the vital components of the drive means that even parts not related to the breakdown are tested and replaced. This allows us to guarantee the prolonged service time of the elevator drive.

  • Repair

    The KONE V3F16L elevator drive has a robust design, reduces energy consumption and is reliable through many years of operation. That is why, when this drive breaks down, it should not become obsolete – VEIKS professionals will ensure that it is brought to life and will serve as new again.

    Our company services all the variations of the V3F16L elevator drives which are identified using the following part numbers:

    • KM769900G01
    • KM769900G05
    • KM769900G14
    • KM769900G13
  • Services

    We provide the swiftest service on the market

    Simply contact us and put in an order – we will immediately send you the fully refurbished KONE V3F16L elevator drive unit. When the replacement drive is installed and works, you will just need to send us the broken unit.

    Another option would be for you to send us the faulty KONE V3F16L elevator drive. We will repair it in 3 working days and send it back to your facility.

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